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Rajib Roy

Founder Director and Owner of www.grassrootsales.in is an experienced globally successful passionate SALES evangelist, who travelled Internationally to more than 50 cities in 26 different countries spanning 3 different continents. Exposed to sales nuances of 25 states covering more than 100 cities and towns across the length and breadth of India. Rajib believes in Positive Selling, some of his reflections are “Sales is like Breathing, you can not avoid it”, “LOVE your Customer, Do not Cheat her/him”, “Never take NO for an answer”, “Do not Over commit”, “Concentrate on your EFFORTS, Sales, More Sales and More Profitable Sales will Follow”, “DOnt quIT, DO IT”, “Coal Under Pressure is Diamond” and lastly “I M Possible”. Rajib says www.grassrootsales.in will help average mediocre students to get corporate ready within a years time. Quality Sales Focussed Education at a very Reasonable price. Presently, Rajib also teaches his sales courses to different MBA and BBA institutes in India. Rajib is a follower of JOE GIRARD and his sales principles.

Mr. Rajib Roy took the plunge in ever increasing reservoir of ENTREPRENEURSHIP in 2004. With more than 18 years of experience and management degree to boot, the product of his first entrepreneurial venture is his passion; ‘sales’. This year, he has gone online with his business and it is named GRASSROOT SALES.

Sales : Art or Science by Rajib Roy

Interview by Mukul Bhartiya of DIGIAGE

Q: Tell us something about GRASSROOT SALES. How the whole concept came in to picture?
A: Grass Root mean The most Basic Level of an ACTIVITY or organisation, Basic Instincts, Basic Fundamentals , and www.grassrootsales.in aims at improving the game of sales at grass-roots level of any organisation. The spark emanated way back in 2003 – 2004 when i was invited to give guest lectures in various MBA colleges to talk about sales, marketing, ENTREPRENEURSHIP, branding etc. Since I was training the Indian sales team in my organisation on similar lines , I became quite popular among the young students as i was hardly 29 + years young that time . It was observed and found that out of 100 persons doing the MBA or BBA course, 90% of them got sales job in their final placements, very few of them got marketing, branding , FINANCE, HR , or related functional jobs. There were a quite a handful of students whose parents took huge bank loans and a few whose parents had sold their property to get them a MBA/BBA degree. The degree was just a big joke and a piece of paper as the smart students just needed to provide sales to their organisation and no other skills mattered. Even after 5 years into the job it remained the same. I, myself was a very average student who got just 49.5% in my standard 12th board exam , a reject by the education system in India and surely only darkness to stare upon , whereby even some of my very best friends felt bad to keep in touch with me , but I surely always believed in myself and my abilities , and traits like discipline , hardwork, sincerity and HONESTY were ingrained into me by my dad who served in the Indian Army. So it inspired me that if I can do it , i can motivate a million average people to become globally acceptable as the process of sales is universal and applicable everywhere in the world. So as Tag line of GRASSROOT SALES goes “Affordable Sales Education, Helping People Do Better.”
Q: Mr. Roy, is ‘Sales’ an ‘art’ or ‘science’?
A: Let me give an analogy , we can consider Sales as a process in any organisation as Breathing is a process to any living being. It is something we are doing it without much effort continuously every moment. Each one of us do it very well but we are not conscious about it. So to answer your question SALES IS A WAY OF LIFE. It can be selling a Product, Service, Concepts , facts, IDEAS or even Thought Processes. The moment any child is born it starts crying , that is what everyone feels , but as per me the child is SELLING the fact that it is very hungry, it needs the mothers milk immediately. So we all are born Sales People literally. Sales is an Art we are born With, Selling Process is a Science we help our customers with.
Q: Mr. Roy, what problem you are trying through www.grassrootsales.in ? I mean to say, what is the mission and vision of GRASSROOT SALES?
A: www.grassrootsales.in is trying to educate average individuals to become acceptable globally as a global sales person . Mission is to educate maximum number of people to become globally competent in the sales profession. Vision is to help people to do better by helping the customer WIN. A delighted customer is a Profitable Sales and a Successful Organisation. We are aiming to provide organisations young people who will be focused only on Profitable sales and WOW their customers. We are providing students a total online access and EARNING potential from day 1 of their enrolment to the course. Exams online, project submission online , no need to come to the institute. Can be done from any part of the world. Projects can be done from anywhere in the world. Only internet access required and Fixed hours need to be spent in the website for studying the theory. Live projects needs to be done by each and every individual to get a successful course completion certificate. Where the normal education system fails , www.grassrootsales.in steps in to make you a HERO.
Q: Profession related travels spanning more than one and half decade, 3 continents and more than 100 cities, what difference you find in ‘selling to different consumers’? Is ‘process and approach of Sales’ same for everybody?
A: The Sales Process is Universal and same , a little bit of Tweaking is required very minimal and manageable as far as Approach is concerned when there is a change of culture, place etc. The SMART sales person will implement a Specific Measured change that will be Achievable , Realistic and Time bound. A sales professional needs to understand the application areas and provide the customer with information that will fullfill his needs, wants and desires , final objective leading to a delighted customer. We need to treat the customer as we treat our spouse , we can’t cheat , we can’t overcommit , we cant lie/misinform . We should be honest and truthful so that we have a credible score and your customer should trust you completely. This will help you to make your customer make an effort for you as your spouse makes an effort to help you. The end result will be Acquiring a customer for a life time and not a single sale . Traveling across and selling to different customers worldwide has made me understand one basic fundamental that if there is a structured effort , discipline and a will to excel any normal individual can do the same with a formal education or without one . www.grassrootsales.in is just trying to put this belief in each and every individual that if they want they can Design their own Destiny and create wonders for themselves , for their organisations, for their family members , for their children and last but not the least their CUSTOMERS. I hope I was articulate enough to explain you the concept in the simplest way so that anybody can understand. Sales is actually a very simple process but we make it look complicated and unnecessarily put our customers in problem by using management jargons.
Q: Sales scenario has undergone a sea change in the country with the advent of technology and now digital commerce has given a complete a new meaning to the sales. What changes have you witnessed in ‘sales’ per se?
A: Very interesting and exciting question . I remember doing a small research project during my MBA summer internship at HTA (now JWT the worlds largest advertising AGENCY) way back in the late nineties 1997 when the modems used to squeak and squeal first thing in the morning like a real mouse , mobiles just launched and the Motorola kid used to keep it banging the phone on the floor , the topic was “The prospects of Internet as a medium of Advertising” and my findings that time were clear it is going to be the mode of advertising which will be viral and now in 15 years time we are gung ho about mobile advertising . Now the smart phones has replaced so many devices land line telephone, news papers, laptops, tabs, watches , MONEY EXCHANGES, banks, higher education and even social life. People are more confident, they are more bold, the new generation loves everything fast and at their convenience and ease. You have to change with the times and as per Charles Darwin’s Survival of the fittest theory , if we need to survive we need to change with the times. At the same time this is also true that the traditional way will not get obsolete , though the percentage will decrease , but since overall population is continuing to grow and medical facilities getting better , people living longer so more means and ways to serve the same is required. lets take an example of getting messages , Before we used to depend on fire or smoke , then drums , then we had Trained Pigeons to carry letters. Then the neighbourhood postman, then telegrams, Telephones , emails, SMS, MMS, and now we have whats app , Skype, FACEBOOK. But basic fundamental of transmitting the message remains.
Same way job of Sales is Acquisition of Customer. You have to gather information about your customer , you have to mange your customer portfolio , you need to have a sales call objective , make the customer make a decision, make contact with the customer , Locate customers needs, measure the gaps in the actual requirement, get it validated by the customer, Yes the right vocabulary, Build up a positive argument, Convince, Understand the customers objections, Process them, Prepare before concluding, Control the conclusion and finally at least have a follow up objective.
Q: How can target audience reach you? Could you elaborate the details?
A: GRASSROOT SALES is complete Awesomeness available 24 X 7 X 365 round the clock. At your convenience , ease helping you Design your Destiny at your will. Only Trait required is a will from your end to do WELL. It was so much informative and reveling experience talking to you. Thanks a lot for sparing your valuable time for me. I hope readers of my blog all finds it as informative as I found and revel it as much as I did.
Q: How to handle rejection in sales and move forward?
A: More than Rejection it is the FEAR of Rejection that needs to be dealt with. A sensible sales person will know very well that the customer buys only if the customer needs or wants the products. If the salesperson goes before or after the need and want arises it will be a waste of time. Customer will buy it , when customer will require it. Customer will not buy unless and until the TIME is just right for the product to be used or consumed. Customer will buy only if we can provide the customer a better deal or value for his MONEY at the right time. Let me tell a small funny story about 2 very good friends who met after 40 years , they studied in the same college during their degree course . Their names were Mr. Fear and Mrs.Doubtful, So at the end of the small reunion Mr Fear told Mrs Doubtful. I liked you so much during college days that I wanted to marry and settle down with you . Mrs Doubtful replied back then WHY did you wait for 40 years to tell the same? now i am happily married with 2 children and 4 grandchildren. Mr.Fear replied i Feared that you will REJECT me. Mr Fear than asked a similar question to Mrs Doubtful i always felt you also liked me WHY didn’t you tell me the same , to this Mrs Doubtful replied “I had lot of Doubts , objections about your commitment levels on me and thought you were not interested in me at that point of time. A sales person carries huge social responsibility on their shoulders , the question is not to earn the salary or incentives for personal benefit , but being the first point of contact with the customer big value sales is required so that the sales person contributes for the REVENUE generation of the entire company by which salaries of the entire back office staff is also possible every month. So Attitude definitely matters . If we take the rejection as a failure on our own selves then we will always feel that we are getting rejected personally . But if we take it as an effort wherein this sales can help so many people who work quietly on the background then the Fear of Rejection will finally fade away. As this gives us a huge motivation to help so many people who is not directly in touch with the customer. So if our sales EFFORTS are in the Right Direction with the Right Quality and in Adequate Quantity and we are there in the right time at the right place we can minimise the chances of our Rejection. Rejection in sales is not a failure but it is a Learning . We need to analyse the rejection and understand where we need to improve our efforts and not repeat the mistakes. We need to be rational and not emotional about the rejection , this will help us to understand how similar set of customers will are likely to react in our future dealings. Normally a sales person is a GRASSROOT person who is connected with the ground realities and has the best understanding of the requirements of his customer. A GRASSROOT sales person is a Great GIVER and Provider and a very helpful person. So the approach will be to always emphatize with the customer and provide him the correct information , correct feedback , correct commitment levels which are achievable. The customer should feel that the salesperson is the solution for all his problems with respect to the requirement he needs to fulfill. These ACTIVITIES will make the GRASSROOT sales person more profitable to the customer as well to his own organisation, than a selfish sales person who is just interested about his own benefits. Personally i have always felt Rejections are opportunities which helps me to do better , As I have mentioned earlier that Sales is a Way of Life , and there is ample scope to improve your own selves every moment. Whatever happens we should not close the door of communications with the customer as the rejection is not personal. This will bring confidence in ourself and in our customers who will have higher respect for us and consider us for future business. So we should deal with rejection Gracefully and effectively to start building the GRASSROOT foundations for doing better sales.